Riding with Live Cargo

Two dudes, two bikes. by Zane Selvans on flickr

After I got done moving all my stuff into Masala, I had to return the trailer to Community Cycles.  Tim needed to work on his bike (and renew his membership…) so I gave him a lift out to the shop.  The Bikes at Work trailers aren’t really meant for hauling people… but with a capacity of 300lbs, they’re certainly capable of it.  I’d really like to have a decent setup for moving another bike around without the trailer.  A way to just hook the front end of the rear bike up to my rear rack, allowing it to roll on its own.  More photos below.

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2 Responses to Riding with Live Cargo

  1. Rob Rowe says:

    The coolest “carrying bike by bike” method I’ve seen was on an Xtracycle. (Like this post from 303cycling.com: http://303cycling.com/coloradians-going-car-less-part-1)
    Those Bikes at Work trailers really are amazing.

  2. Zane Selvans says:

    I find myself lusting after one of the new Surly trailers for the house. They’ve clearly taken a page from Bikes at Work, and I think probably one-upped them in robustness. I’ve also seen folks move a bike with an Xtracycle, by just putting the front wheel in one of the pouches, and letting the rear wheel roll on the pavement like a trail-a-bike. I tried this on my bike once… but without the long, low back end, it wasn’t gonna happen.

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