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Protected Multimodal Intersections

A great video introduction to protected multimodal intersection design, from Nick Falbo at Alta Planning, via People for Bikes and their Green Lane Project: The design is based on long-standing Dutch standards, and actually embodies the prioritization of modes that … Continue reading

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The Recipe for a World-Class Bicycling Network

The Dutch know how to build bike infrastructure like nobody else.  Their network of bikeways is made up of 3 main street typologies.  One is quiet, low-speed (<20mph) residential streets that offer through access to bikes and pedestrians, but not … Continue reading

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How the Dutch got their bike on

In the post-war era (the 1950s and 1960s) the Netherlands started down the car-dependent re-development path. Much of the country needed to be re-built, and the nation became wealthy quickly, and then oil and gas were discovered off shore. Then … Continue reading

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Bicycles and Fresh Bread

The NY Times points out that bicycles and the European penchant for fresh bread are more closely related than you might at first imagine.  A writer in Amsterdam talks about how a slightly different conception of daily life enables cities … Continue reading

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