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Twelve Car-Free City Zones

Twelve Car-Free City Zones in photos, from National Geographic.  Many north americans can’t really imagine what cities are like without cars.  It took me a long time to realize that what I didn’t like about cities wasn’t the urban space, … Continue reading

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Boulder Bike Away From Work Day

Due to my ongoing funemployment, I had no work to bike to when Bike to Work day rolled around.  But that’s no reason not to ride.  Especially after, um, 3 consecutive free breakfasts! [flickrset2post photoset_id=72157626976469787]

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Moving Across Boulder by Bike

My friend Bryan, with whom I’ve been living for the last year, is heading off on a round-the-world bike ride for an indeterminate amount of time.   So I had to find a new place to live.  The Masala Co-op had … Continue reading

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Hero Biking to Fort Collins and Back

The Boulder Bike Culture Meetup‘s first little social intro to bike touring went pretty well I think.  Didn’t lose anyone, no injuries that I know of, no major mechanical issues, only one flat tire.  Tail wind and gorgeous weather on … Continue reading

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Wrenching at Dan’s

The Boulder Bike Commuter Meetup group got together at Dan’s (now former) house, to play with his tools and hang out.  It was nice to have a during-the-day event that lasted a little longer. Kathy fixed a slow leak in … Continue reading

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48 Minutes and 75 Bikes on the Boulder Creek Path

I spent some time this afternoon sitting alongside the Boulder Creek Path out east of where it joins up with the Goose Creek Path, heading toward the ocean of office parks that employ a significant chunk of Boulder, a 7 … Continue reading

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First Chantry Flats S24O

Michelle and I went on our first S24O (sub-24hr overnight) bike trip last weekend, up in the San Gabriel mountains, above Chantry Flats on fire roads.  Despite some ill-timed road maintenance in Santa Anita Canyon, everything went wonderfully.  We got … Continue reading

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Humanity In Motion

An incredible montage of what bicycles can be: safe, enjoyable, cheap, convenient, everyday transportation for young people and for old, for families and fashion slaves, in a city largely unpolluted by the exhaust and noise of cars. Courtesy of Amsterdamize. … Continue reading

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January Biking in Denver

The weather in Denver is so fickle! 20°C on weekend, -10°C the next. Makes for interesting wardrobe choices. Either way though, the Denver bike paths are fricking awesome!

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