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Warm Winters

You don’t have to dress like a bank-robbing arctic ninja to stay warm walking and biking around town in the winter.  Not even in Boston.  Common sense stay-warm fashion tips from Bikeyface.  In cartoon form of course.

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Groceries at -19C

Now this is winter biking. Cold and sunny… and three feet of snow that isn’t going anywhere in Edmonton, Canada.  From Miss Sarah Chan.

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Project Thirty Days mostly Car-Free

Someone from Bike Radar decided to give up their car for a month, right here in Boulder and midwinter no less.  They’ve got a sweet longtail from Trek that looks like it’s served them well.  Even with temperatures plunging below … Continue reading

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We aren’t so tough

We’ve had some honest-to-god winter weather in Boulder this past week, with overnight temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F), and light snowfall on and off for several days.  Here, if you keep riding your bike around town when the weather … Continue reading

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Winterbike Workshop Notes

Winter poses special challenges to the utilitarian cyclist.  Those who ride purely for fun and fitness tend not to ride when it’s dark and cold and snowy.  If you consider the bike your primary form of transportation, you don’t necessarily … Continue reading

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January Biking in Denver

The weather in Denver is so fickle! 20°C on weekend, -10°C the next. Makes for interesting wardrobe choices. Either way though, the Denver bike paths are fricking awesome!

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