We believe cycling is one of the most enjoyable and accessible ways to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. We want to share that passion and love of cycling with as many people as possible.

Our mission is to provide a welcoming environment for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to come together and ride bikes.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist looking for a new challenge or just getting started and looking for an easy, supportive environment to learn, Flat On Bike is here to help you get the most out of your cycling experience. Join us today, and let’s go for a ride!

Ralf loves cycling and spending time with his family. When he’s not on his bicycle, he can be found reading a good book or playing with his kids. Ralf is always looking for ways to improve himself and help others do the same.


Ralf is a dedicated family man and cyclist who loves spending time outdoors. He has been cycling for as long as he can remember, and enjoys nothing more than exploring new routes with his wife and children. Ralf is always looking for ways to improve his skills on the bike, and is passionate about helping others do the same.

Zane is an avid bicyclist, and she is very mindful of doing anything she can to leave a better place for her children. She regularly bikes to work, and she also enjoys biking on trails in her spare time. Zane is always careful to obey traffic laws and to stay aware of her surroundings while she is biking. She knows that biking is a great way to reduce her carbon footprint and to get some exercise.


When she is not biking, Zane enjoys spending time with her children. She loves to read them stories and is always teaching them about the importance of caring for the planet. Zane is a great role model for her children, and she is always working to make the world a better place.

Zane is careful to recycle everything she can and composts her food scraps. She rides her bike to school whenever possible, even when it’s cold or raining. And she always picks up trash when she sees it, even if it’s not hers. Zane knows we must all do our part to leave a better world for future generations. And she’s determined to do her part, one bike ride at a time.


Olivia is a talented writer who works for FlatironBike, a popular cycling magazine. She is known for her engaging writing style and in-depth knowledge of the cycling industry. With her passion for cycling and excellent writing skills, Olivia has become a valuable asset to the FlatironBike team.

As a writer for FlatironBike, Olivia is responsible for producing articles, reviews, and other content related to cycling. She stays up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the cycling world and uses her knowledge to inform and entertain her readers.

Olivia’s writing is not only informative but also inspiring. She has a knack for telling stories that capture the essence of cycling and the joy it brings to people’s lives. Her writing has been praised by readers and industry experts for its clarity, depth, and authenticity.

In addition to her writing, Olivia is also an avid cyclist. She enjoys exploring new trails and routes and has participated in several cycling events and races. Her first-hand experience with cycling gives her a unique perspective on the sport, reflected in her writing.

Overall, Olivia is a talented writer passionate about cycling and dedicated to producing high-quality content for FlatironBike. Her contributions to the magazine have helped make it a go-to source for cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

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