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Review: 24V36V250W Electric Conversion Kit for Bikes




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I recently purchased and installed the 24V36V250W Electric Conversion Kit for my common bike. This kit is specifically designed for electric geared bicycles with a left chain drive and derailleur, and it includes a 24V twist kit. I wanted to share my experience with the product to help others decide if it’s right for them.

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Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  • This kit is easy to install and comes with all the necessary components.
  • The motor is powerful and doesn’t overheat, even with a high amp draw.
  • The included chain can be replaced with a heavy-duty one for better durability.
  • The kit is compatible with both 24V and 36V controllers, allowing for customization.
  • The motor is reliable and has a long lifespan, as reported by other users.

What Can Be Improved

  • The freewheel included in the kit is of low quality and may need to be replaced.
  • The bracket may require bending and modification to fit certain bike frames.

Quick Verdict

I have had a great experience with the 24V36V250W Electric Conversion Kit. It transformed my regular bike into a powerful electric ride. The installation was straightforward, although I had to replace the freewheel due to its low quality. The motor performs well, with no noticeable heat even during long rides with a high amp draw. It provides a significant boost on hills and makes my daily rides much more enjoyable. However, the bracket may require modification to fit certain bike frames, so be prepared for some tinkering. Overall, I highly recommend this conversion kit for anyone looking to customize their bike into an electric one.

You can find more information about the 24V36V250W Electric Conversion Kit for Common Bike Left Chain Drive Customized for Electric Geared Bicycle Derailleur 24VTwist Kit here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the 24V36V250W Electric Conversion Kit for Common Bike Left Chain Drive Customized for Electric Geared Bicycle Derailleur 24VTwist Kit from Amazon. Being a bike enthusiast, I was excited to try out this electric conversion kit and see how it can enhance my biking experience. The delivery was surprisingly fast, and I received the product within two days of placing the order.

Upon unboxing the package, I found the following items:

  • Motor: The kit includes a motor that is specifically designed for left chain drive installation.


The specifications of this electric conversion kit are as follows:

  • Unit Count: 1 Count
  • Auto Part Position: Left
  • Color: 24VTwist Kit
  • Brand: L-faster
  • Date First Available: June 23, 2017
  • Included Components: Motor
  • Part Number: YK-B-215
  • Manufacturer: L-faster
  • Package Weight: 4.31 Kilograms
  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: 8.35 x 8.23 x 8.19 inches


The documentation provided with this electric conversion kit was extremely helpful. It provided clear instructions on how to install and customize the kit according to the specific bike model. The user guide also included valuable tips and troubleshooting information. If you need guidance during the installation process, I highly recommend referring to the user guide. You can find the user guide here.

Features – What We Found

Customized for Electric Geared Bicycle Derailleur

This electric conversion kit is specifically designed and customized for electric geared bicycles with a derailleur system. It allows you to easily convert your common bike into an electric bike, providing you with the flexibility and convenience of an electric motor while retaining the geared shifting functionality of your bicycle. This feature makes it ideal for riders who already have an electric geared bicycle and want to enhance its performance and capabilities with an electric conversion kit.

With this customized kit, you don’t have to compromise on the gear shifting capabilities of your bicycle. The conversion kit seamlessly integrates with the derailleur system, allowing you to switch between different gears and tackle various terrains effortlessly. Whether you’re climbing steep hills or cruising on flat roads, this feature ensures that you have the optimum gear ratio for a smooth and efficient ride.

Pro-tip: Before installing the kit, make sure to properly adjust and lubricate your bike’s derailleur system for optimal performance. This will ensure smooth gear shifting and minimize any potential issues that may arise during the conversion process.

24V36V250W Electric Motor Conversion Kit

The electric conversion kit features a powerful 250W electric motor that is capable of running on either 24V or 36V power supply. This motor provides sufficient torque and power to assist you in your rides, making pedaling easier and allowing you to reach higher speeds effortlessly. Whether you’re commuting to work or going for a leisurely ride, this motor can enhance your overall biking experience.

This conversion kit is a great option for riders who want to add some electric assistance to their biking without completely relying on the motor. It offers a balanced level of power that allows you to pedal and enjoy the exercise while still benefitting from the added boost. The motor is also efficient, providing a good balance between power consumption and performance.

Get the 24V36V250W Electric Conversion Kit and experience the convenience and power of an electric motor with the flexibility of retaining your biking capabilities.

Left Chain Drive

This electric conversion kit is designed with a left chain drive system, which means that the motor will assist in propelling the bike by directly driving the left side of the chain. By utilizing the left side of the chain, the conversion kit ensures an efficient transfer of power from the motor to the bike’s drivetrain.

The left chain drive system offers several advantages. It allows for simpler installation and maintenance compared to other drive systems. The position of the motor on the left side also helps in balancing the weight distribution of the bike, resulting in better overall stability and handling.

With the left chain drive system, you can enjoy an enhanced biking experience with the added power of the electric motor seamlessly integrated into your bike’s drivetrain.

24VTwist Kit

The 24VTwist Kit is a unique feature of this electric conversion kit. It refers to the twist throttle control mechanism that allows you to control the electric motor easily. By twisting the throttle, you can adjust the level of motor assistance according to your preference and riding conditions.

The twist throttle provides a more intuitive and responsive control over the motor. With a simple twist of your hand, you can increase or decrease the power of the motor, effectively changing the speed of your electric bike. This feature offers convenience and precision, allowing you to effortlessly adapt to different terrains and riding scenarios.

Pro-tip: Practice using the twist throttle in a safe and controlled environment to get accustomed to the different power levels. Gradually increase the assistance level as you gain confidence and experience with your electric bike.

Compatibility with Common Bikes

This electric conversion kit is specifically designed to be compatible with common bikes, making it a versatile option for riders who want to transform their existing bicycle into an electric bike. The kit can be easily installed on a variety of bike frames, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of electric assistance without the need to purchase a dedicated electric bike.

Before purchasing the kit, it is essential to ensure that your bike is compatible with the conversion kit. This includes checking the frame geometry, wheel size, and other specifications specified by the manufacturer. By confirming compatibility, you can be confident that the kit will seamlessly integrate with your bike, providing a reliable and efficient electric biking experience.

This conversion kit opens up the possibilities for riders to upgrade their current bike and enjoy the advantages of electric assistance at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new electric bike.

Our Review and Score

Our Score: 69.0

I recently purchased the 24V36V250W Electric Conversion Kit for Common Bike Left Chain Drive and I must say, it has completely transformed my bike riding experience. I installed this kit on my old mountain bike and it has turned it into a powerful electric bike. The motor is incredibly efficient and I am able to reach higher speeds without much effort. The kit was easy to install, especially with some modifications to the motor bracket. I also appreciate the durable construction of the motor and its ability to handle heavy usage without overheating.

This conversion kit has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and durability. I have ridden over 35 miles without any issues and the motor continues to work flawlessly. I have also made some modifications such as upgrading the controller and changing to a 36V setup, which has only improved the performance of the motor. The only downside I have experienced is that the included freewheel is of lower quality and may need to be replaced. Overall, this kit has provided me with a great ride and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to convert their regular bike into an electric one.

However, I must mention that installing and fitting this kit may require some modifications, especially if your bike has disc brakes or non-traditional geometry. It took some bending and filing to align the motor properly, but with patience and some basic mechanical skills, it can be done. The kit is great for riding in hilly areas and provides a good assist when climbing uphill. The battery life is decent, but I would recommend getting a higher voltage setup if you want more power and range. Despite the minor challenges, this kit has helped me achieve my fitness goals more easily and has made riding up hills much quicker.

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